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Photos of the 145th Anniversary reenactments of Stuart's cavalry in Union Mills, the Battle of Hanover, Hunterstown Monument Dedication, the Battle of East Cavalry Field, Pickett's Charge, and four other battles at Gettysburg. More than 12,600 reenactors.


Originally, an artist's rendering of Eliza and Kathleen had been planned for the back of the soft cover edition, but when I happened to notice Ann at a local production of "Fiddler on the Roof," and Jamie at Glimmerglass Opera, the plan quickly changed to using an actual photograph. Be sure to read the rest of that story in the acknowledgments. (Jamie styled her hair and made her own dress, based on actual designs from a May 1863 issue of "Godey's Ladies Book" -- THE source for the latest fashions and styles during that era.)